Don’t call it a comeback

We’ve been here for years. Well, not here, exactly. Let me back up a little.

Fuds On Film launched in July 2015, with a mission to provide a rather more considered view of film than simply reacting to the latest releases. Our monthly podcast retrospectives are centred around themes, from specific movements in cinema or the work of actors or directors we love, through to exhorting the merits of movies that we feel are unfairly held in low regard. We hope to give a little more in-depth information on our subject matter, and better explain what makes our chosen films stand out from the field in this format, rather than giving a glib opinion on how well the CG in the latest superhero movie is handled. There’s plenty of other sources for that, and they’re better set up to provide that service. We’re hoping to play a much longer game.

The gentlechaps behind this endeavour are Craig Eastman, Drew Tavendale, and Scott Morris. We set this site up as a clean break from our previous movie-related enterprise, As our exuberance of youth melted into a still exuberant, but rather less time-rich middle age, we found our ability to provide the aforementioned opinions on current releases to be diminished, but we’ve learned a few things over the eight years of podcasting and twelve years of writing for, and we would like to share that with you, if you’ll let us.

For the past few years, invaluable support and guidance has come from our consulting sociologist Meiko Makita.

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We also maintain Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, where we can weigh in with our opinions on the latest releases, trailers and other such movie ephemera as it occurs to us. We would love you unconditionally should you chose to follow us.

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