Year 2015

Films of the Year 2015

As another year draws to a close, we take the extraordinarily innovative step of reflecting on the best films of 2015. Join us to see what floated our boat, what got our goat, what spooked our stoat, and what fleeced… Continue Reading →

Johnny Mnemonic Commentary

After our Takeshi Kitano podcast we were looking forward to covering one of his films, so quite why we chose Johnny Mnemonic is a mystery for the ages. Join us as we examine the Keanu Reeves-centric cyberpunk festival of wasted… Continue Reading →

Takeshi Kitano

Japanese auteur Takeshi Kitano is one of our favourite filmmakers, and we’re delighted to bring you this run-down on his career. We explain why we find his work so captivating in this latest podcast. Join us for this exploration of… Continue Reading →

Intermission – November 2015

November’s Intermission podcast sees us firing up our opinions on Sicario, Crimson Peak, and the summer’s big creature feature, Jurassic World. We’re not saying you have to listen to it, but your very life and the future of humanity depends… Continue Reading →

Never Say Never Again Commentary

No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to listen to our latest commentary track! We examine the black sheep of the franchise, Never Say Never Again, as Connery returns to highly diminished returns in this kinda-remake of Thunderball. Expect all of… Continue Reading →

James Bond

With the latest Bond film, SPECTRE, haunting cinemas worldwide, what better time to look at our ol’ pal James’ prolific cinematic escapades, culminating in a review of that there new film? We discuss all of the Bonds, if not necessarily… Continue Reading →

Red October: We Need To Talk About Ryan

As the leaves turn to red, so our thoughts naturally turn to Communism and, of course, a Scottish man pretending to be a Russian who is in fact Lithuanian. In a submarine. The Hunt for Red October is our obvious… Continue Reading →

Absolution Commentary

It’s movie commentary track time from your boys at FoF. Yes, we’re afraid it’s come to this. Let’s see how the career of the oft-forgotten 90’s action movie lynchpin Steven Seagal is progressing with his latest flick, Absolution. Also featuring… Continue Reading →

Ageing Action Men

They don’t make new action stars like they used to, which I suppose is why we still use the old ones. The recent adventures of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis get a right old… Continue Reading →

Intermission – September 2015

We cover The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Legend, and Furious 7 in September’s Intermission podcast, as well as something of a potted recap of all of The Fast and the Furious franchise so far. If it’s not the best podcast you… Continue Reading →

The Eiger Sanction Commentary

Nobody asked for it, and so now we done gone give it to ya, see? If you’re living in 1975 and are a little hazy on the concepts of misogyny and homophobia then don’t worry – ol’ Clint’s gonna mansplain… Continue Reading →

Clint Eastwood

We cover the life and times of Clint Eastwood in our latest podcastaganza, looking at his most iconic roles, and his progression as both actor and director. Please join us in this pre-obituary celebration! Download direct | Subscribe on iTunes… Continue Reading →

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