Month November 2020

Intermission, November 2020

Welcome to Fuds on Film, semi-officially the 22nd most popular movie podcast in Egypt. We need to up our game in the Czech Republic though. In this episode we take a look at American Utopia, On the Rocks, Peninsula, The… Continue Reading →

Branded To Kill and Pistol Opera

Japanese director Seijun Suzuki had been on my list to catch up on for some time now, long before his death in 2017. He’s cited as an influence on Tarantino (but who isn’t?), Jim Jarmusch, Wong Kar-wai, John Woo, Takeshi… Continue Reading →


I like big boats and I cannot lie, and for that reason, flimsy as it is, we are today looking at some of the saltiest seamen, and seawomen committed to film as we examine piracy through the ages, and through… Continue Reading →

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