Month August 2017

Intermission, August 2017

In this enthralling episode, we swing our wisdom mallets at Shin Godzilla, David Lynch: The Art Life, Dunkirk, The Big Sick and Scribe and beat their most intimate truths out of them. Feel not for them, they’ve got it coming…. Continue Reading →

The Birth(s) of a Nation

Following on from our last episode on social hot topics, we take a look at two very different takes on post-Civil War race relations with D W Griffiths’ 1915 Birth of a Nation, and Nate Parker’s 2016 reclamation. Listen, if… Continue Reading →

Big Screen Issues

This month, because our blood pressure wasn’t already suitably distressingly high, we have chosen to look at films that reflect, recount, and/or comment upon, stories of social importance and themes of injustice, iniquity, intolerance, and the perilous power of ideas…. Continue Reading →

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