Month November 2015

Intermission – November 2015

November’s Intermission podcast sees us firing up our opinions on Sicario, Crimson Peak, and the summer’s big creature feature, Jurassic World. We’re not saying you have to listen to it, but your very life and the future of humanity depends… Continue Reading →

Never Say Never Again Commentary

No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to listen to our latest commentary track! We examine the black sheep of the franchise, Never Say Never Again, as Connery returns to highly diminished returns in this kinda-remake of Thunderball. Expect all of… Continue Reading →

James Bond

With the latest Bond film, SPECTRE, haunting cinemas worldwide, what better time to look at our ol’ pal James’ prolific cinematic escapades, culminating in a review of that there new film? We discuss all of the Bonds, if not necessarily… Continue Reading →

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