Month March 2020

Intermission, March 2020

Passing across our desk this month are Terminator: Dark Fate, Hustlers, The Lighthouse, and Frozen 2. Will they be scanned and archived for posterity, or moved directly to the shredder? Listen in and find out! Download on Soundcloud | Subscribe… Continue Reading →

Double Impact and Gemini Man

Because, well, just because, today we talk about the trouble with twins, with John-Claude van Damme in Double Impact and Will Smith in Gemini Man. Which of the four will win out? Join us and find out! Download on Soundcloud… Continue Reading →

Roger Deakins

Name a cinematographer. OK, name five. Struggling? I’m sure you’re not alone. It’s a weird thing, isn’t it, that, in such a visual medium, the person responsible for actually bringing you the image should be so relatively anonymous? While a… Continue Reading →

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