Month October 2021

Intermission, October 2021

For this month’s random grab bag of films we’ve seen over the past month, we have The Chambermaid, Prisoners of the Ghostland, The Protege, Stillwater, and No Time To Die. What’s worth your time, and what’s a crime? Find out… Continue Reading →

The Maltese Falcon and Beat the Devil

Following on from our last episode on the films of John Huston, we thought we’d change things up with a look at two more John Huston films. This time it’s his first, and still one of his most iconic films,… Continue Reading →

John Huston

The phrase “Hollywood Royalty” is not uncommonly used, though it’s usually quite hyperbolic (though, unlike actual royalty, it’s likely that anyone to whom it is applied at least has a modicum of talent and value to our world, and an… Continue Reading →

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