Month October 2017

Intermission, October 2017

We’re back to talk about films. I know, we’re as surprised as you are. We’d have bet on this podcast turning its attention to pottery and irrigation by now as well. I’m afraid you’ll just have to put up with… Continue Reading →

Fast and the Furious 1 vs. 8

With the latest instalment of The Fast and the Furious skidding onto the home formats and a release date apparently confirmed for the spin-off, we thought we’d compare it to the first of the series and chart the road between… Continue Reading →

TV Adaptations: Comedies

Don’t let anyone apart from trained physicians tell you that laughter is the best medicine. Frequently anti-biotics are better suited to deal with the problem. However, it’s certainly true that life is better with laughs, so in the first of… Continue Reading →

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