Month December 2021

Intermission, December 2021

While I suppose we should be glad to see the back of 2021, early previews of 2022 don’t look all that great. Take your mind off it all by joining us to chat about House of Gucci, Belfast, Spider-Man: No… Continue Reading →

Rollerball and The Blood of Heroes

We transport ourselves to the far-flung future dystopia of three years ago to take in some Rollerball, and an indeterminate post-apocalyptica for a round of The Blood of Heroes, or The Salute of the Jugger if you’d rather. Are either… Continue Reading →

Sports Films: Round 2

With Dickie Davies on stand-by, we return to the world of sport to cast a critical eye over Downhill Racer, Any Given Sunday, Warrior, 42, The Way Back, and Schumacher in our continuing effort to find out which sport is… Continue Reading →

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