Year 2020

Intermission, December 2020

As 2020 staggers to a merciful end, we see out this dumpster fire of a year with a look at (what else) a bunch of films. Do Black Bear, Possessor, Mank, Unhinged, Tenet, and Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project enhance… Continue Reading →

Get Carter and The Long Good Friday

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to take a butchers at two films that routinely vie for top spot in any self respecting list of British gangster movies. Both are more concerned with gangsters performing investigations, both refuse to… Continue Reading →

Quentin Tarantino

Heel-o, and welcome to another episode of Fuds on Feet. Excuse me, sorry: that’s been happening all week, out of nowhere, and I’ve no idea why. As I was saying, welcome to Feet on Film. All the fuds are here… Continue Reading →

Intermission, November 2020

Welcome to Fuds on Film, semi-officially the 22nd most popular movie podcast in Egypt. We need to up our game in the Czech Republic though. In this episode we take a look at American Utopia, On the Rocks, Peninsula, The… Continue Reading →

Branded To Kill and Pistol Opera

Japanese director Seijun Suzuki had been on my list to catch up on for some time now, long before his death in 2017. He’s cited as an influence on Tarantino (but who isn’t?), Jim Jarmusch, Wong Kar-wai, John Woo, Takeshi… Continue Reading →


I like big boats and I cannot lie, and for that reason, flimsy as it is, we are today looking at some of the saltiest seamen, and seawomen committed to film as we examine piracy through the ages, and through… Continue Reading →

Intermission, October 2020

In this month’s round-up episode, we take a look at Enola Holmes, Irresistible, First Cow, Console Wars, The Platform, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Check it out! Download on Soundcloud | Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe via feed… Continue Reading →

How You Laika Me Now?

We spoke in our last enthralling episode about some of our favourite stop-motion animated films, although the eagle-eared amongst you may have noticed an egregious absence, that of a little Oregon studio named Laika. That was not a snub, but… Continue Reading →

Stop (Motion) In The Name Of Love

Around these parts we’re rather fond of stop-motion animation: for example, in three of the last four years our year-end “Best of” episode has seen us talking about a stop-motion animation. And some of my clearest memories of children’s television… Continue Reading →

Intermission, September 2020

We turn our attention towards I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Bill and Ted Face the Music, Beastie Boys Story, Mulan, Ava, and Les Misérables in our latest episode. We’ve checked, and you are destined to listen in. Why fight it?… Continue Reading →

Women on Masculinity

An article on the BFI website (well, I say article: it’s more of a list, really) is our inspiration for this episode (well, I say “inspiration”, but “is our episode”, really). The article listed six films that deal with masculinity… Continue Reading →

Year Four

With a few scheduling issues we’re not able to bring you a fresh new podcast in our usual time slot, so to tide you over please accept this selection of our favourite reviews from the fourth year of our podcast…. Continue Reading →

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