Month January 2022

Intermission, January 2022

We start off the new year hoping that it very much doesn’t continue in the same vein, as we examine Don’t Look Up and The Matrix Resurrections for any redeeming features. Tune in and find out if we identify any!… Continue Reading →

Croupier and Hard Eight

What better place for drama to accumulate than the formerly smokey dens of iniquity that were casinos? Of course, they’re now mostly free of smoke, if not iniquity. We look at two casino adjacent flicks, Croupier and Hard Eight, and… Continue Reading →

Cons, stings and swindles

Our theme for this episode is the con movie. There’s no reason, topical or otherwise, for us doing this theme now, other than that “this is what we fancied doing this month”. So we picked six films from the genre,… Continue Reading →

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