Month September 2017

Intermission, September 2017

We cover another hodge-podge of arbitrarily selected films for this month’s Intermission podcast, namely Death Note, Hotel Salvation, American Made. The Anthem of the Heart, Pawn Sacrifice, and Mindhorn. Find out what these flicks’ major malfunctions are in this exhilarating… Continue Reading →

Compare & Contrast – Beyond the Mat and The Wrestler

Since first watching Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler back in 2008, I’ve always wondered if he’d seen the 1999 documentary Beyond the Mat in his preparations, as there’s more than a little commonality. Following on from our sports film episode, this… Continue Reading →

Sports Films

Sport is ancient and popular, and has been an important part of our various cultures and societies for as long as cultures and societies have existed. Little wonder, then, that sport should have seen a lot of representation in modern… Continue Reading →

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