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Wesley Snipes

OK, time for a quick peek behind the curtain of Fuds on Film. We have a list of potential main episode themes that will comfortably last us into our old age… OK, older age…, often selected for a particular passion… Continue Reading →

Intermission, May 2019

It’s another one of those delightful episodes where we talk about the films we’ve seen recently – The Sisters Brothers, Hellboy, The LEGO Movie 2, Styx, and Avengers: Endgame. Why not listen in? Download on Soundcloud | Subscribe on iTunes… Continue Reading →

Con Air and Passenger 57

Reality has been dealing me hands ranging from mediocre to garbage over the past few months, so this episode represents something of a retreat to adolescence, to a simpler time when most of the films I watched were Die Hard… Continue Reading →

Pedro Almodovar

Back in 20th Century Spain there was this frightfully awful chap called General Franco who made everything jolly unpleasant, all things considered. After this Franco fellow popped his clogs in 1975 and democracy was restored to the country, there was… Continue Reading →

Intermission, April 2019

It is again time to turn our collective gaze towards another random selection of movies and lo, pass judgement upon them. Which of Shazam!, The Catcher Was A Spy, The Kid Who Would Be King, Fighting With My Family, Triple… Continue Reading →

Watership Down and The BFG

More kids classics examined, as we look at two films with a darker edge in the source material. But will the movie adaptations of Watership Down and The BFG sharpen or dull that edge? Join us and find out! Download… Continue Reading →

Only ’80s Kids Will Understand This Episode!

Nostalgia for and influence by different eras comes and goes, and the time period we are focusing on for this episode has certainly been yearned for and revisited before, but for some reason (though probably the oft-observed “thirty year cycle”)… Continue Reading →

Intermission, March 2019

We unleash the hounds of opinion on Captain Marvel, Free Solo, Holmes & Watson, Triple Frontier, and Shoplifters in our latest episode. Which will be savaged, and which will be enthusiastically slobbered on? You simply must tune in to find… Continue Reading →

Kelly’s Heroes and Three Kings

In the words of Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, as interpreted by Charles Edwin Hatcher and Jackie Chan: War! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! War! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Except arms… Continue Reading →

Bond Knock-offs

James Bond is, of course, a stupendously successful and enduring force in cinema, and it’s hard to avoid them entirely, even if you wanted to. That’s why we devoted an entire show to the series a few years back, but… Continue Reading →

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