Year 2020

Intermission, April 2020

Lock Me Up! Lock Me Down! We’re right there with you, two metres apart, discussing Birds of Prey, Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Invisible Man. Turn on, tune in and drop out! Download on Soundcloud | Subscribe on iTunes |… Continue Reading →

Sudden Death, Double Team and Knock Off

Returning to the Belgian well of full contact face displacement we are here to preach to you, once again, the gospel of Van Damme, because apparently he’s our mascot or something. Celebrating the only decade coke-fuelled enough to afford me… Continue Reading →

Edgar Wright

I think we could all use a bit of a laugh, so what better time to take a look through the work of one Edgar Wright. Join us as we see if A Fistful of Fingers, Shaun of the Dead,… Continue Reading →

Intermission, March 2020

Passing across our desk this month are Terminator: Dark Fate, Hustlers, The Lighthouse, and Frozen 2. Will they be scanned and archived for posterity, or moved directly to the shredder? Listen in and find out! Download on Soundcloud | Subscribe… Continue Reading →

Double Impact and Gemini Man

Because, well, just because, today we talk about the trouble with twins, with John-Claude van Damme in Double Impact and Will Smith in Gemini Man. Which of the four will win out? Join us and find out! Download on Soundcloud… Continue Reading →

Roger Deakins

Name a cinematographer. OK, name five. Struggling? I’m sure you’re not alone. It’s a weird thing, isn’t it, that, in such a visual medium, the person responsible for actually bringing you the image should be so relatively anonymous? While a… Continue Reading →

Intermission, February 2020

Join us as we take in the sights, sounds and smells of Jojo Rabbit, The Gentlemen, Uncut Gems, and The Personal History of David Copperfield. Will we find them pleasing to one or more of our senses? You simply must… Continue Reading →

Hard Target and Ready or Not

With income equality being as hot a topic today as it was in Victorian times, what better time to look at the most controversial habit of the filthy rich: hunting and killing their fellow man, the deadliest game of all…. Continue Reading →

Graphic Novels

We examine the more mature side of the comics book adaptation racket in our latest episode, with a look at American Splendor, Ghost World, From Hell, Road to Perdition, Art School Confidential, and A History of Violence. Check it out!… Continue Reading →

Intermission, January 2020

Join us as we guide you through the wilderness of January’s offerings, signposting directions to Birthday Wonderland, Little Women, Parasite, and Rise of Skywalker. Are any of them worth the journey? Tune in and find out! Download on Soundcloud |… Continue Reading →


For borderline communists like myself, it’s hard not to look at recent election results, here, there, and everywhere, and not think that everything’s going a bit Pete Tong. So, in order to prepare ourselves for what seems to be our… Continue Reading →

Decade In Review

It’s the start of a bold new year and, by consensus if not reality, the start of a new decade. With the millennium’s difficult teenage years now in the rear view mirror, we thought we would take a look at… Continue Reading →

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