Compare:Contrast – Manhunter and Red Dragon

There’s been two cinematic cracks at Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon so far, the serial-killer thriller than introduced us to the charismatic cannibal Hannibal Lecter, perhaps more readily associated with The Silence of the Lambs. We’ll be taking a look… Continue Reading →

Michael Cimino

After the sad news of Michael Cimino’s death, we thought it appropriate to take a look over his body of work for your listening pleasure. We’re covering the bulk of his output, certainly feature film-wise, as both screenwriter and director… Continue Reading →

Intermission – August 2016

Reviews of Ghostbusters, Suicide Squad, Midnight Special, Jason Bourne, Independence Day 2, Finding Dory, and Star Trek: Beyond await in our latest episode. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. Download direct | Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe… Continue Reading →

Compare:Contrast – Jacob’s Ladder and Shutter Island

In this exciting episode we take a look at two films that bend both the audience and the lead character’s minds, with Jacob’s Ladder and Shutter Island. Spoilers aplenty for both, so please don’t listen before viewing both of these… Continue Reading →


No planet has proved more fascinating to science fiction than Mars, so we thought it high time to look at some of the prime examples of Martian culture. We’re blabbing about Robinson Crusoe on Mars, Total Recall, Mission to Mars,… Continue Reading →

Intermission – July 2016

This month’s assortment of recent releases for the cinema and the home sees us cover Gods of Egypt, The Legend of Tarzan, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, and Green Room. Four films enter. One film leaves. That makes three films… Continue Reading →

Compare:Contrast – Wag the Dog and In the Loop

In this exciting episode, current events compel us to compare two political satires about dodgy dealings in the march to war with Wag The Dog and In The Loop. Just how do the Yanks and the Limeys deal with comedies… Continue Reading →

Disaster Movies

We deal with the enduring, sometimes mystifying appeal of Disaster Movies in this episode, covering films from the 50’s right through to modern day, with a variety of dooms for us, fire, flood, earthquakes, volcanoes, asteroids, … and bees. Millions… Continue Reading →

Intermission June 2016

We unleash our opinions on Captain America: Civil War, The Colony, Eye in the Sky, Alice: Through The Looking Glass, 10 Cloverfield Lane, X-Men: Apocalypse, The Boss, The Nice Guys and Warcraft: The Beginning in our latest podcast. Your attention… Continue Reading →

12 Monkeys Commentary

Off the back of our Tech Noir podcast, this month’s commentary track is for Terry Gilliam’s excellent 12 Monkeys, with the time travelling Bruce Willis on the trail of a deadly virus, or possibly just off his rocker. Join us!… Continue Reading →

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