Year 2017

Intermission, August 2017

In this enthralling episode, we swing our wisdom mallets at Shin Godzilla, David Lynch: The Art Life, Dunkirk, The Big Sick and Scribe and beat their most intimate truths out of them. Feel not for them, they’ve got it coming…. Continue Reading →

The Birth(s) of a Nation

Following on from our last episode on social hot topics, we take a look at two very different takes on post-Civil War race relations with D W Griffiths’ 1915 Birth of a Nation, and Nate Parker’s 2016 reclamation. Listen, if… Continue Reading →

Big Screen Issues

This month, because our blood pressure wasn’t already suitably distressingly high, we have chosen to look at films that reflect, recount, and/or comment upon, stories of social importance and themes of injustice, iniquity, intolerance, and the perilous power of ideas…. Continue Reading →

Intermission, July 2017

Another month, another wide mix of films for us to cast shade or anti-shade on, as appropriate. Find out our takes on The Circle, War for the Planet of the Apes, Okja, Baby Driver, Colossal, A Cure for Wellness, and… Continue Reading →

Compare & Contrast – Heat and L.A.Takedown

If our polling data is anything to go by, not everyone knows that Michael Mann’s Heat was the second time he’s used that material. First time round was a TV pilot called L.A. Takedown, eventually getting its own limited theatrical… Continue Reading →


There a few things Hollywood loves as much as itself, and while films like La La Land and others concerned with the navel-gazing exercise of making films tend towards the covering the perceived glamor of the place, it’s also an… Continue Reading →

Intermission, June 2017

Another arbitrarily selected batch of films line up for inspection as we discuss Wonder Woman, Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, My Life as a Courgette, A Dog’s Purpose, Life, and Passengers. Which will win this month’s Palme d’Fud? Tune… Continue Reading →


It’s the turn of the other iconic alien-based havoc franchise this episode, as we talk all things Predator – including the much maligned Aliens vs Predator films. What do we make of them? Listen to find out! Download direct |… Continue Reading →


1979 saw the beginning of what would become an icon of cinema, and a long-running series that would capture the imaginations of generations of film-goers. And in addition to the birth of all three members of Fuds on Film, 1979… Continue Reading →

Intermission, May 2017

From hugely budgeted action adventures to weird films about poetry, we have you covered with this month assorted grab-bag of films. Listen to our witterings on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Neruda, The Handmaiden, Assassin’s Creed, and Paterson. Download… Continue Reading →

Compare and Contrast – Jaws and Deep Blue Sea

For no particular reason other than sharks being awesome, we take a look at two of the many films starring these aquatic terrors – the all-time classic Jaws, and the rather less classic Deep Blue Sea. Download direct | Subscribe… Continue Reading →

Year One

In an unavoidable change to our regularly scheduled episode, we are bringing you instead a bit of a retrospective of some of our favourite reviews from the first year of our podcast. If you’re relatively new to the podcast, we… Continue Reading →

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